Where Can I Find My ClickFunnels Receipts?

So where can I find my ClickFunnels receipts you say?

Excellent question!

And in this fast tutorial I am going to show you exactly how to find them.

Also be sure you read all the way to the end…

Because since you’re a current ClickFunnels user (based upon your question)…

I’m going to show you how to save a bunch on money using ClickFunnels.

You know.

Just so you can have a few less of those pesky ClickFunnels receipts 😛

Let’s begin.

Where Can I Find My ClickFunnels Receipts?

First things first.

You are going to need to login to ClickFunnels first.

There is a MEMBER LOGIN button at the top where you’ll login.

Once you’ve done the deed and are taken to your ClickFunnels dashboard…

Hover over your picture on the top right of the page and click on Account Details.

It should look a little something like this.

Where Can I Find My ClickFunnels Receipts

Next up.

  • Look at the left side of the page and click on Account Billing.

And then you should see something like the picture down below…

  • Simply click on the Invoice History section.

This is where all of your ClickFunnels receipts ever so nicely stare you back in the face 😛

Where Can I Find My ClickFunnels Receipts

I told you it was easy right?


Now to the best part of this post (in my opinion of course).

How To Cut Back On The ClickFunnels Receipts

I started using ClickFunnels around in 2015…

And when I started using them I actually received a huge discount (and I never realized it).

Now fast forward to the present day…

I created a post that walks you through the process of saving up to $1,567 with ClickFunnels.


This generally works best if you:

  • Want to go all in when using ClickFunnels.
  • And you plan on using ClickFunnels for the long term (like I have).

If that sounds like you (or you just want to see what the heck I’m talking about):

I feel I need to share this with every ClickFunnels user.

Not just because I am an affiliate…

But also because it can save you a bunch of money just like it did for me.


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