What Sets ClickFunnels Apart?

So exactly what sets ClickFunnels apart?

After all.

There’s a buffet of sales funnel and landing page builders to choose from…

And at the end of the day you want to make sure that you choose wisely.

So why use ClickFunnels?

Let’s get right down into the good stuff.

So What Sets ClickFunnels Apart?

I want to be begin this topic with a very important topic.


Like the bugs in software that usually cause errors or an ability to use?

Yeah those types of bugs!

Now here’s my bold statement.

  • Every Software Has Bugs

This is something very important to keep in mind…

Because I always see people complaining about how software XYZ has bugs…

And then they will go on to assume that hell is going to freeze over.


Every software has bugs (that’s why they spend so much on teams for software).

The important thing of when it comes to bugs in software is this:

  • How few bugs do they have?
  • Are they even THAT big of a deal?
  • And how quickly can they fix it (which is important)?

So with that being said.

Let’s move onto the official first reason why ClickFunnels is superior.

Superior ClickFunnels Customer Support

This is probably one of the most controversial topics when it comes to ClickFunnels.


I am speaking for myself here and I can honestly say that it has been an awesome experience.

And to confirm that?

Here is a picture of a very happy gal 😛

What Sets ClickFunnels Apart

As happy as a clam!

But have I experienced difficulty or bugs before?

  • Yup.

And were they able to resolve them quickly?

  • You betcha.

In fact I’m pretty sure that one of the times it was something that I was doing wrong…

And it wasn’t on the ClickFunnels side.

At the time of creating this post ClickFunnels has a little under 70,000 customers.

Side Note: You can add to that number here.

But when your company is doing THAT well?

You get to re-invest back into your software so that it performs as well as it can.

Alright so now that I’ve got the “sexy” topic out of the way…

Let’s continue with what sets ClickFunnels apart.

ClickFunnels Marketing Made Easy

Or at least in my opinion?

ClickFunnels makes marketing just about as easy as they possibly can.

Because at the end of the day?

  • You still need to get traffic to your offer.
  • And you still need to be able to convert that traffic.

Here’s a few reasons why I REALLY dig what ClickFunnels has to offer.

ClickFunnels Drag And Drop

I’ve used more sales funnel and landing page tools than you can shake a stick at…

And ClickFunnels is by far the easiest to both use and learn.

  • Simple.
  • Seamless.
  • And an overall lower learning curve.

That’s what I think of when it comes to ClickFunnels.

And why is this so important to you?

Because it allows you to get up and running much faster (and money is attracted to speed).

Below is a video where you can see the ClickFunnels drag and drop editor in action.

I also did a related post about their classic editor which you can see below.

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Next up.

ClickFunnels Templates

Once again.

These allow you to get up and running even faster than ever before…

But I’m getting ahead of myself 😛

So ClickFunnels comes with templates for every type of page or funnel you can create.

Rather than starting from scratch?

You can choose pre-created high-converting templates and then go from there.

And to make your life even easier?

You can create a page and then save it as your very own template.

Here is a quick video down below when it comes to saving ClickFunnels templates.

I also did a post about some of the highest converting templates down below.

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Next up.

ClickFunnels Sharing Is Caring

I’m still on the topic of getting up and running as soon as possible…

And this is by far the single best way to do it.

So when it comes to using ClickFunnels?

You can have someone share a funnel with you…

And all you have to do (to copy it into your dashboard) is click a link once.

Here is how the process is done.

And you already know I did a post about it, too.

You know.

Just in case reading more of my writing is your cup of tea.

Related: Sharing Is Caring (And Here Is How In ClickFunnels).

Now onto the next bigger section for what sets ClickFunnels apart.

ClickFunnels To Make Money

It should be pretty obvious by now that when you utilize ClickFunnels correctly?

It’s going to stack the odds in your favor when it comes to making money.

BUT (there’s your BIG but)!

There’s a few features that can allow you to pretty much cover your monthly CF payments…

All by themselves!

Here’s two to keep in mind.

ClickFunnels Order Bump

What this does is allow you add an extra OTO onto your order check out page.

This might not sound like a very big deal…

But the first time I tried it out allowed me to convert 33% of my customers.

That’s a pretty big deal 😛

You can see more information about this nice little profit maximizer down below.

And as of this moment?

I do not currently have a tutorial when it comes to setting this up…

But you better believe I will edit the text down below when I do 🙂

EDIT: I finally did the order bump post (and it’s a good one).

But in the meantime?

And of course the other profit maximizer.

One Click Upsells And One Click Downsells

I’m sure you’re familiar with what upsell and downsell pages are.

But when it comes to ClickFunnels?

These allow your customers to invest in your offer with only one click of their mouse.

It might not sound like a huge deal…

But this mean that you’re customer will NOT have to enter in their:

  • Full name.
  • Primary email.
  • Their complete address.
  • And they won’t have to enter their CC again.

This makes for a much cleaner, simpler, and easier way to checkout.

And anytime you can make it easier for your customers to purchase?

It means you’re probably going to increase your conversions (which is what you want).

Here is a related post I did when it comes to this…

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I’ve give you many reasons about what sets ClickFunnels apart…

Now we can wrap things up.

So Why Use ClickFunnels?

Or what sets ClickFunnels apart?

I hope that I was able to answer these questions by talking about some great aspects.

There’s actually many more reasons when it comes to why you should be using it…

But I feel like that should help you out enough to at least give ClickFunnels a try.

Or just click that enormous button below (either way works).

Why Use ClickFunnels

And that should do it.

Thanks for asking the “What sets ClickFunnels apart?” question…

And I hope that you enjoy using this sales funnel builder as much as I do.

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