What Can ClickFunnels Do?

What can ClickFunnels do?

I’m glad you asked!

Because in this post I’m going to go over some of the amazing features…

Along with a few related questions such as:

  • What does ClickFunnels include?
  • And what do you use ClickFunnels for?

Let’s begin.

So What Can ClickFunnels Do?

what can clickfunnels do

Pretty much anything and everything when it comes to running an online business.

I might be hard to believe at first…

But this is truly a unique software to say the least.

So before we get started?

I wanted to let you know that it comes with a free trial so you can always test it out yourself.


Now to just a handful of many of the great features.

Sales Funnels


But you can do some pretty amazing things within the sales funnels you create.

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Here’s a few example of what’s included in the sales funnel creation process.

Landing Pages

This includes being able to create:

  • Download and thank you pages.
  • Sales letters and video sales letters.
  • Bridge pages (also known as presell pages).
  • Squeeze pages (also known as lead capture pages).

And so on and so forth.

Next up.

Secure Order Forms

So yes.

You can sell any type of product, offer, or service…

And you don’t need to go out there and get a separate checkout cart.

Their order forms also come with order bumps…

Which is one of the easiest ways to make more money with your funnel.

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Next up.

One Click Upsells And Downsells

I have personally tested this out…

And one click upsell and downsells convert like wildfire.

Normally a customer would have to re-enter in their information for a OTO…

But all they need to do is click the add to cart button once to purchase the offer.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Alright let’s go over one more thing.


Both automated and live…

And you can also create every page you need in the process:

  • Webinar registration pages.
  • Thank you pages (after registering).
  • Live or automated webinar broadcast room.
  • Replay page with countdown timers if needed.
  • Secure check out page along with order confirmation pages.
  • Secure download and membership pages to hold your products.

It’s pretty sweet if you think about it…

As you don’t need to get any extra webinar software.

If you’d like to see an example of a webinar from Russell Brunson himself?

Simple click the link down below:

Or you can click the picture down below if you like.

Alright so let’s wrap up this post.

What Do You Use ClickFunnels For?

Like I stated at the beginning of the post:

Pretty much anything and everything when it comes to running an online business.

It truly is a swiss-army knife when it comes to building and growing an online business…

And I’m not even scratching the surface when it comes to features.

If you would like to see the features in action:

Or you can click the big orange button down below (for the same result).

And that’s all.

I hope I helped out when it comes to the question:

What can ClickFunnels do?

And I hope that you enjoy this software as much as I do.

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