Remove Made With ClickFunnels Badge

So you want to remove Made With ClickFunnels badge?

I totally get it.

On one hand it is a nice way to get people to ClickFunnels…

But it’s optimal to have your visitor focus on taking only one action.

  • Which is usually opting in and becoming a lead.
  • Or investing in one of your offers and becoming a customer.

So as promised in this quick post…

I’m going to show you how to take out made with ClickFunnels…

And since you are currently using ClickFunnels?

Be sure to read to the very end to see how to save money using ClickFunnels.

Remove Made With ClickFunnels Badge


There’s actually two ways to solve this problem.

Let’s start with solution numero uno.

  • Hide The ClickFunnels Badge From Existing Funnels

Bear in mind…

This this method works for only the specific funnel you do it in.

  1. Go to the funnel where you want to remove the badge and click on Edit Page.
  2. From there you need to choose General from the settings menu.
  3. And then select Hide from the Affiliate badge drop down.


It really is as easy as that 😛

And you can check the picture down below for a little more guidance.

Remove Made With ClickFunnels Badge

As you can see in the image above?

The Affiliate Badge is set to Hide for that specific page.

(just make sure you save the page before you exit the editor)

NOTE: You will need to do that for every page in your funnel.

So here is the alternate method to get rid of the ClickFunnels affiliate badge.

  • Getting Rid Of The Affiliate Badge From Future Funnels

I saved the best for last…

As this is definitely the easier way to do things (for future funnels you build).

Once again here are the simple steps.

  1. Select Account Details from your profile menu (found on top right of screen).
  2. Under Affiliate Settings click on Expand.
  3. Under the ClickFunnels Affiliate Badge setting make sure that is turned off.

And if you followed the steps to perfection…

Then it should like just like my screenshot down below.

Remove Made With ClickFunnels Badge

Oh and one more thing.

Don’t forget to click the yellow Save button when done.

And that’s (almost) all folks.

In case you are a visual person?

I’ll put a video tutorial down below about how to remove that pesky affiliate badge.

Alright fine.

I might have lied previously.

THIS part is saving the best for last 😛

Since you are clearly already a ClickFunnels user…

I figured you would also like to know how to save a bunch of money using ClickFunnels.

And when I say saving money?

I actually mean saving up to $1,567 (yes even for a current user like yourself).

If you want to use ClickFunnels for the long term (like I do)…

Then you’ll be glad that you read the post in the link above.


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