Kartra Vs Teachable

Kartra vs Teachable is a very interesting battle.

After all.

Both of these tools have many similarities and differences.

So allow me to assist you when it comes to making the best decision for you.

Let’s get this show on the road.

Kartra Vs Teachable

Starting off with Kartra first.

So what is Kartra anyway?

Kartra is considered the ridiculously easy way to build your entire online business fast.

If you’ve heard of the software called ClickFunnels…

Then you can petty much think of it as a funnel builder that is very similar to that.

Let’s start with some features that come along with Kartra.

  • Kartra Builds Your Funnels


You do have to put together the pages (unless you use the done for you campaigns)…

But Kartra allows you to put together complete step by step sales funnels.

This allows you to sell just about anything that you like.

  • eBooks.
  • Courses.
  • Coaching.
  • Video tutorials.
  • High ticket offers.
  • Membership offers.
  • And yes you can even do eCommerce.

As you can tell just from the information above…

Kartra puts a very heavy emphasis on marketing in many different ways.

Teachable seems to put a massive focus on:

Creating and selling beautiful courses.

That’s one of the biggest differences between these two powerhouses.

If your primary focus is getting your course up and running and looking beautiful?


If you want more than just that?

Let’s change up this Kartra vs Teachable battle and see what Teachable offers:

  • Teachable Customization


Teachable is HUGE on details when it comes to your online course…

So there’s no wonder why there’s a big emphasis on the way things look.

With Teachable you can utilize:

  • Text.
  • Video.
  • Audio.
  • Image.
  • And even PDFs too.

(all of which you can do with Kartra too).

Another great customization of Teachable is the use of websites.

You can use your own website or create some pages on Teachable…

And that is all by utilizing their drag and drop builder (which Kartra also features).

Courses are also fully responsive…

Which means that students can learn on their computer, smart phone, or even tablet.

And when it comes to custom domains?

Both Kartra and Teachable allow you to use your very own domain if you like.

Here’s a feature that really stands out in the battle of Kartra vs Teachable.

  • Teachable Learning Tools

Once again just proving how big of an emphasis Teachable puts on course details.

  • You can create quizzes (to see how well students learned).
  • There’s discussion forums (to chat about pretty much anything related).
  • And there’s even course completion certificates (to reward those that finish).

Onto the next feature section:

  • Teachable Marketing

This is definitely where Kartra pulls ahead in the battle of Kartra vs Teachable.

Here’s a little of what Teachable offers you when it comes to this section:

  • Coupons and promotions (which is pretty standard).
  • Sell for a one time fee, subscription, or even a payment plan.
  • You get your very own affiliate program so others can promote for you.

And don’t forget about the analytics of Teachable (which Kartra also has).

  • You get a dashboard displaying your stats (revenue, courses sold, and completions).
  • You also get plenty of insights when it comes to all of your courses.
  • And of course you can always export your data in case you need it.


There’s plenty more features when it comes to Teachable…

But I’m sure you get a good idea of what Teachable is all about.

Down below is a great Teachable review that will give you even more details:

So if you’re planing on putting a big emphasis on your course and it’s presentation…

Their lowest plan starts off at $39 a month.

Alright so onto the last part of Kartra vs Teachable.

Back to Kartra.

Not only can you build funnels with Kartra…

Here’s what else you can do:

Here are some of the amazing features when it comes to Kartra.

  • Kartra Done For You Campaigns

I briefly mentioned this above…

But it’s something that certainly needs much more detail.

Right when you sign up to Kartra (which you can do by going here)…

You also get these awesome campaigns that are done for you…

And were created by the man, the myth, the legend himself: Frank Kern.

Kartra Vs Teachable

So just what is the best part about these done for you campaigns?

They pretty much allow you to get started very fast.

Here’s the majority of activities that you have to do:

  • Add in the name of your product.
  • Add in the pricing.
  • And add in any images that you have…

And then you are ready to launch!

Here’s what else Kartra has to offer.

  • Kartra Landing Pages

This is a pretty big part of Kartra (and might be pretty obvious)…


It’s important that you know how Kartra comes along with a nice drag and drop builder.

And when it comes to most of the Kartra plans?

You even get unlimited visitors to your pages.

Here is another great Kartra feature.

  • Kartra Funnels And Campaigns

It’s very much expected that a funnel building software allows you to build funnels 😛

And even more than that?

You also have the ability to set up some advanced automations.

Combine the Kartra automation with their Mail (autoresponder) system…

And you’ve got a recipe to pull off some amazing marketing tactics.

Below is a great video when it comes to Kartra automations…

Feel free to watch it for more information.

Alright onto one more Kartra feature.

(despite the fact there’s tons more)

  • Kartra Membership Sites

This is an aspect that is quite similar to Teachable.

Although certainly not as polished when it compares to Teachable…

It certainly gets the job done.

Kartra memberships also allows you to utilize their drag and drop editor…

Allowing you to seamlessly put together your brand new membership site pretty fast.

And yes.

You can have multiple membership tiers (with different price points)…

Along with dripping content so that your customers don’t get overwhelmed.

Down below is helpful video about building membership sites on Kartra…

In case you’d like more details 😛


There’s many for features where those came from in Kartra.

Features like:

  • Kartra videos.
  • Kartra analytics.
  • Kartra commerce.
  • Affiliate management system.

And so on and so forth.

Then there is everything that the software allows you to do such as:

  • Product launches.
  • Work on eCommerce.
  • Create advanced funnels.
  • Utilize upsells, downsells, cross sales, etc.

And much more.

As I stated previously…

Kartra will be more suitable for you if you’re more into funnels and marketing…

As apposed to have a strict emphasis on courses and how they look.

Kartra also comes with a 14 day $1 trial so you can always give them a test drive.

And if you’re curious to see what Kartra pricing plans are…

You can watch the video down below (or click here for the full pricing post).

And that should wrap things up when it comes to Kartra vs Teachable.

In a nutshell?

Teachable is more suitable for teachers and courses.

Kartra is more suitable for marketing and funnels.

And in my opinion?


I hope that helps you out.

Thanks for seeking some more information when it comes to Teachable vs Kartra…

And I hope that you enjoy your new platform (regardless of what you roll with).

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