Kartra Alternatives

So you’d like to find a couple of the best Kartra alternatives eh?

Well lucky you…

Because this post is going to give you exactly what you’re looking for.


  • You might have tested out Kartra and it wasn’t for you…
  • Or maybe you just want to see what else is available on the market.

No problem whatsoever.

So here are 2 of my preferred Kartra alternatives which I happen to use both.

(keep in mind I will be beginning with number 2 and then counting down).

Kartra Alternatives # 2

And the winner goes to?

(drum roll please)

Builderall isn’t exactly the newest software out on the market…

But who says that you can’t teach an old canine some new marketing tricks?


In truth.

There’s a lot of great things going on when it comes to Builderall.

Here’s a Builderall perk that many people seem to love.

  • The Builderall Prices Are Amazing


Every now and then you come across a software…

And all it feels they are attempting to do is undercut their competitors.

While Builderall is definitely a price-friendly software (all of the price details here)…

They definitely understand how to load up on value.

Here’s a few of my favorite Builderall features:

  • Unlimited Pages and Subdomains

And the cool thing about this feature…

Is that it comes with any of the 3 Builderall pricing plans.

And in my opinion?

That is a preeminent perk.

There’s many funnel builders out there that make you pay to create more…

And I would rather have it from the start where you can build your funnels sky high.

Speaking of unlimited.

  • Unlimited Visitors

Builderall strikes again.

It really doesn’t matter what you plan you end up rolling with…

You won’t “be penalized” for sending too much traffic to your pages.

You can craft as many pages as you like and send as much traffic as you like, too.

Oh and I almost forgot.

  • Unlimited Funnels

Which makes perfect sense if you get unlimited pages right?

And there’s a lot more features where those came from (hundreds more).

Here’s a quick short list of a couple of more (which depends on which Builderall plan you get):

  • Builderall split testing.
  • Unlimited (once again) expert email marketing.
  • Builderall tools and apps (you can create your own apps)!
  • Facebook messenger chat bot (which appears to be getting really popular).
  • Unlimited expert eCommerce (which I personally do not utilize however it’s still cool).

And my absolute favorite perk of the Builderall Business Plan…

Which mean you have to get the Business Plan in order to utilize this.

  • Builderall Leveraged Affiliate System

At first glance it doesn’t seem like all that great of a feature…

But this is one of the biggest reasons I invested in Builderall.

However here’s the thing:

  • It’s an amazing affiliate program.
  • This site is mostly about affiliate marketing.

So I might be a little biased on liking this feature so much.

Toss me a flippin’ bone here 😛

So what makes this affiliate marketing feature so special?

Well here is how the commission structure works for you (with a picture to assist).

Kartra Alternatives

As you can see above (aside from the fact that I ought to probably request the $529.79)…

There are two tiers of commissions.

  1. Tier 1 you get 100% commissions on the very first sale (and then 30% for the recurring).
  2. Tier 2 you get 30% commissions on every payment past the very first and then on going.

So not only do you get commissions for referring individuals to Builderall…

You get the commissions for the customers that THEY bring on too.

It’s in fact a terrific win-win scenario.

Because if you grab Builderall through me (which would be awesome)…

The more results you get? The more results I get.

But wait there’s more (haha that line cracks me up).

When you get to 100 customers Builderall will send you $500 monthly for your dream car.

Now Builderall definitely wasn’t the first one to do that (which you can see here)…

But heck, I sure am not going to grumble about that.

Builderall Bonuses

So when you begin with Builderall today?

You are likewise going to be getting some remarkable Builderall bonuses from me too:

  • Training #1 – Full course on affiliate marketing in any niche using Builderall tools.
  • Training #2 – Full course on promoting Builderall to build up recurring income.
  • Weekly live streams with one of the top Builderall earners.
  • Done for you funnels, emails, and prospecting scripts.

And of course you get all of the tools that Builderall provides.

Here is how to get started with Builderall and get your bonuses:

After you get the Builderall Business Pro plan…

Simply send me an email to james [@] advisingaffiliates [.] com

(without the spaces and brackets)

And I will send you over your bonuses.

Alright that ought to do it.

So that’s 1 out of 2 Kartra alternatives…

Let’s look at the last one (and it’s an awesome one)!

Kartra Alternatives # 1

So when it comes to Kartra alternatives and the number one spot…

Did you think that it would be OptimizePress?

If so?

Then that would be incorrect.

And the winner goes to (drum roll please, again):

Ain’t no one messin’ with my Click … funnels!

Click … funnels!

Click … funnels!

Sorry I just had to because that song is too amusing (see below).

Now I have actually been using ClickFunnels for several years now…

So there’s no wonder why I like it a lot.

In reality though…

Here are some of my favorite ClickFunnels perks.

  • ClickFunnels Order Bump

Yeah this may be the simplest function ever…

But it didn’t take me very long to realize how much money I was losing out on.

Right after I tested out my first ClickFunnels order bump?

I found out that around 33% of consumers took this quick upgrade.


One out of every 3 customers were investing in this upsell…

And all they had to do was check off one little box.

And before?

0% of my customers got this (due to the fact that I could never pull this off).

Let that sink in.

Here is a video where you can check it out in action:

Onto the next feature.

  • ClickFunnels One Click Upsell

Yet another terrific revenue maximizer when it comes to ClickFunnels.

So when it comes to your upsell pages?

All someone needs to do is click the Add To Cart button once.

That’s all.

They don’t have to enter their name, email, or card info again.

This is an extremely easy way to, once again…

Increase your revenue using a very simple tweak.

ClickFunnels Drag And Drop Editor

Look I understand.

This certainly doesn’t seem like the sexiest feature on the planet.

BUT (there’s your BIG but) 😛

ClickFunnels is without a doubt the easiest software to figure out.

Have you ever tested out some type of tool that was so hard to use…

That you just got overwhelmed that you felt like giving up?

I sure as hell have.

In fact I used to always feel that way when it came to HTML (barf).

I’m not stating that there is zero learning curve when it comes to ClickFunnels…

It’s just that it’s so much easier compared to many of the softwares out there.

You can check out the ClickFunnels editor video down below for a demo:

Here’s another awesome feature of ClickFunnels.

  • ClickFunnels Share Funnels

This is quite the remarkable feature.

With just one click of your mouse…

You can have a totally done funnel added right into your ClickFunnels account.

So not only can you share these funnels with others…

But you can also create and then sell them to whoever you like.

(just another cool perk when it comes to ClickFunnels)

Here is an example.

Below is a funnel that you can 100% copy and it’s completely done for you.

If you do not have ClickFunnels then you will need to start with a complimentary trial.

And if you already have ClickFunnels?

Then it will be instantly added to your ClickFunnels control panel.

ClickFunnels Bonuses

So when you get started with ClickFunnels today?

Not only can you get my done for you affiliate marketing funnel above…

But you will also get:

  • The 71% Optin Case Study
  • The Email Marketing Mastery Course
  • The Simple Setup Business Model Course
  • The Rapid Recurring Revenue Stream System
  • How To Create Offers Even Without Expertise Course
  • How To Create The Highest Converting Offers Course
  • Watch Over My Shoulder As I Create A Quick Sales Funnel
  • How To Create A Full Product In Under 60 Minutes Course

And a few more mystery bonuses too 😛

So here is how to get my ClickFunnels bonuses:

Send me an email with your receipt to james [@] advisingaffiliates [.] com

(without the spaces and brackets)

I will then send you your bonuses.

And that should do it when it comes to the two best Kartra alternatives.

Thanks for seeking some information when it comes to the Kartra alternatives.

If Kartra isn’t going to be your go to software…

Then there’s a good chance that either Builderall or ClickFunnels will work wonders for you.

Or heck.

Perhaps you want to use both like me 😛

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