Is ClickFunnels Better Than WordPress?

Is ClickFunnels Better Than WordPress?

Awesome question.

After all.

The answer is going to depend on what you’re looking to accomplish.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic.

Is ClickFunnels Better Than WordPress?

Here’s my thoughts.

  • WordPress is better for creating websites and…
  • ClickFunnels is better for creating landing pages and sales funnels.

That’s my fast answer…

Now allow me to break it down even more.

WordPress Pros

Is ClickFunnels Better Than WordPress

Everyone loves free (for the most part)…

And the great thing about WordPress is that it is free.

A lot of people don’t realize though that what comes along with WordPress usually isn’t.

Because in order to use WordPress?

You are going to need:

  • A website.
  • And of course hosting (which is paid).

Aside from that?

WordPress is most definitely the best when it comes to:

  • Creating websites.
  • Creating and writing in your blog.
  • And of course ranking your websites in Google.

ClickFunnels just can’t compete with those three bullet points.


Even ClickFunnels uses WordPress to create their blog.


That’s what WordPress has going on for it…

Now let’s take a look at what ClickFunnels has going on for it.

ClickFunnels Pros

Is ClickFunnels Better Than WordPress

The cool thing about ClickFunnels is that they do all of the hosting…

So you won’t need to go out and buy hosting from any provider.


You won’t have to worry about sending a high volume of traffic…

Because ClickFunnels can handle any amount of traffic (and they do it will).

Aside from that?

Here’s some great sales funnels related features they have:

  • You can craft sales letters as long as video sales letters.
  • Create any type of landing page / squeeze page / optin page.
  • You can create checkout pages that come along with order bumps.
  • There’s also one click upsell pages and one click downsell pages too.
  • And don’t forget about membership pages, thank you pages, and webinar pages.

There’s a ton that comes along with ClickFunnels…

And this video will help you out if you’d like more information:

Wrapping things up now.

So Is ClickFunnels Better Than WordPress?

I do believe so…

But I also believe that you should use both of them (just like I do).

  • WordPress for your website and blog…
  • And ClickFunnels for everything sales funnel related.

You just can’t go wrong.

Or you can click on the big banner below to get taken to the same page.

And that should do it!

I hope I helped you out when it comes to answering:

Is ClickFunnels better than WordPress?

And have an awesome day.

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