How Do I Add Copyright Symbol To ClickFunnels?

So are you curious to know “How do I add copyright symbol to ClickFunnels?”

Then this is the perfect quick post for you.

After all.

It’s cool to have that cool symbol alongside the word Copyright.


Here is how you do it.

How Do I Add Copyright Symbol To ClickFunnels?

I believe this is the symbol you’re looking for:



I would say that you can just copy and paste it from this post…

But I made it so that people can’t highlight text.

(I did that because I’ve had many people steal my content)

So here is the second best way:

From there?

You can simply copy and paste the symbol from a top post.

Here is what the search came up for me.

How Do I Add Copyright Symbol To ClickFunnels

Notice how I highlighted the © symbol?

Just simply copy and paste it to wherever you like on your ClickFunnels page.

If you are a Windows user like me?

Test this out.

  1. Hold down the Alt key
  2. And type in 0169 on the keypad.

If you did it correctly?

Then that should produce a copyright symbol for you too.

Pretty cool right?

And if you are a Mac user?

  1. Hold Option.
  2. Hit G.

I don’t have a Mac…

So you’ll have to test the reliability of those steps for me 😛

Let’s wrap up this post now.

ClickFunnels Footer Copyright Symbol

So that should do it.

This is certainly one of the most random questions I’ve seen when it comes to ClickFunnels…

But I hope that this post helped you find the resolution that you were looking for.

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

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