Funnel Scripts Alternative

So you’re looking for a Funnel Scripts alternative eh?

Then you’ve come to the right post.

Here’s what I’ll be covering today.

  • A great Funnel Scripts alternative for you (obviously).
  • Where you can find this somewhat hidden alternative.
  • And how to use this software along with many of the features that it has.

So are you ready to begin?


Then let’s get this show on the road.

Funnel Scripts Alternative

So what is the tool that I recommend if you’d like something other than Funnel Scripts?

And what makes it such a great alternative…

Is that it comes with a specific feature called the Professional Copy Script Generator.

Let’s get some more information about what this has to offer.

Funnel Scripts Vs Builderall

So first and foremost how can you get a hold of this?

Builderall has 3 plans when it comes to using them…

And this script generator is found in two of them:

  • The Builderall Digital Marketing Plan which is $29.90 per month and…
  • The Builderall Business Plan which is only $49.90 per month.

If you’d like to see for yourself…

It’s quite the big difference in what you pay in price and how quickly you do it.

  • Funnel Scripts is $497 a year (which you have to pay up front)…
  • And the most expensive Builderall plan is $49.90 a month (you only pay $49.90 up front).

So if you wanted to only use it for a few months?

You could always cancel it and save a bunch of money.


Let’s get into the juicy details when it comes to using this tool.

BuilderallĀ Professional Copy Script Generator

First and foremost (in case you have Builderall)…

This can be found in the Apps section and then Script Generator.

Here’s a little of what it looks like.

Funnel Scripts Alternative

As you can see you start off with creating your avatar…

Which is going to be an example of someone you’d be marketing to.

So what I did is fill out all of the steps when it comes to using the script…

And then all I have to do is click on the Generate Script icon.

Here is what it should look like down below.

Funnel Scripts Alternative

Seeing I’m big on overall Internet Marketing…

I’m going to click on the Internet Marketing tab in the top of the picture.

Now in the next section I can choose from:

  • OTO scripts.
  • Story scripts.
  • Email scripts.
  • Phone scripts.
  • Funnel scripts.
  • Webinar scripts.
  • Headline scripts.
  • High ticket scripts.
  • Advertising scripts.
  • Ecommerce scripts.
  • Joint venture scripts.
  • And of course Miscellaneous.

Keep in mind this is different for every category that you pick.

Here is a another picture to show you what it shows.

Funnel Scripts Alternative

So after I click on the Funnel Scripts tab…

Here are even more options that you can choose from.

  • Order form script.
  • Optin video script.
  • Thank you page script.
  • Small ticket sales letter.
  • Squeeze page template.
  • Free book giveaway script.
  • Long form sales letter script.
  • Short form sales letter script.
  • Squeeze page video template.

That’s quite the amount of options to choose from.

But for this example?

I’m going to roll with the short form sales letter script.

Here is part of it down below.

Funnel Scripts Alternative

It’s actually not bad (and there’s more that you didn’t see in the picture)…

But you will need to some “wordsmithing” yourself to polish it up a little.

Overall there’s a lot of great things that you can do when it comes to this…

So I’ll put a video down below for you.

It’s a nice little overview of the Builderall Script Generator.

Alright so let’s get down to it.

Funnel Scripts Alternative

From what I’ve seen?

This has been the best Funnel Scripts alternative.

Keep in mind that when you get started with Builderall…

That you actually get a TON more features along with it.

And since you read all the way to the bottom of the post?

Test it out…

See how you like it…

And feel free to leave any comments or questions you have about it down below.

Thanks again for stopping by and I’ll put a related post down below that might help you out.

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