Funnel Scripts 297 Is Gone

So I have some really bad news: The Funnel Scripts 297 version is gone.

I know I know.

Please don’t kill the messenger…

Especially because there is at least a silver lining to all of this.

But before I get to that?

Let’s finally uncover the truth.

Where Is The Funnel Scripts 297 Price?

You might have stumbled upon many other blogs and videos…

Of which they talked about the Funnel Scripts 297 price.

The reason there are so many of them?

It’s because there actually used to be a Funnel Scripts $297 price…

Except the price eventually jumped up.

So no.

There isn’t any type of Funnel Scripts discount either…

But here is what changed.

Funnel Scripts Free Trial


You can actually test out a little functionality of Funnel Scripts now.

So now if you’ve never used it before?

You get to take it for a quick demo just to make sure that you like it.

Here is a picture down below.

Funnel Scripts 297

As you can see from above…

You get to test out the amazing headline script generator.

Simply answer the questions that are on that page…

And Funnel Scripts will spit out many variations for you to utilize in your sales copy.

Here’s what I got using the golf niche.

What can I say…

I still happen to love the game 🙂

Funnel Hacks 297

I think the last one would be the winner here:

How To Hit Straighter And Longer Shots So You Can Avoid Being Laughed At By Your Golf Buddies

After all…

What golfer would want to be laughed at by their golf buddies?

So that’s the Funnel Scripts free trial.

Funnel Scripts

So as I stated in the beginning of this post…

There is no Funnel Scripts 297 pricing (but don’t let that stop you).

Because who knows?

The price could always rise again and then you’d miss out on another great pricing.

If you want to get started using Funnel Scripts…

And that should do it.

Thanks again for expressing interest in this topic.

And remember…

Don’t kill the messenger 😛

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