ClickFunnels Top Affiliates

So who are the ClickFunnels top affiliates?


So far there’s been at least 50 dream car winners (which is awesome).

But what makes them so successful?

I’ve gotten the chance to learn from some of them…

And also have kept an eye on what’s working well in the ClickFunnels atmosphere.

So without any further ado?

Here’s a look at some of the ClickFunnels top affiliates along with their great strategies.

ClickFunnels Top Affiliates

This first affiliate was the third person to win their dream car…

And for the longest time they were in the lead for most customers brought in.

So without any further ado?

This top ClickFunnels affiliates list is going to start with…

(drum roll please)

1) Stephen Esketzis ClickFunnels

The reason I know the information above?

Stephen was on Episode 05 of the Funnel Hacker Radio show…

Where he talks about how he won a dream car with a list of less 200 people.

Here is a screenshot from the episode down below.

ClickFunnels Top Affiliates

And here is a link (along with the source from where I got the screenshot):

Back when ClickFunnels first came out…

Their big competitor was LeadPages (and that didn’t last very long).

So Stephen jumped on the opportunity to create a blog post…

And that one brought in a TON of both ClickFunnels trials and customers.

That post is still live and kickin’ it today.

Talk about a beast of a post.

He has been updating it for years now…

And there’s no wonder why he brought in so many customers because of it.

The Biggest Lesson Here: Jump on opportunity as fast as possible…

Even if you’re not sure that it’s an opportunity or if it will pay off for you.

Next up on the ClickFunnels top affiliates list.

1) Greg Jeffries ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Top Affiliates

(the source for the screenshot here)

Probably one of the most relatable and coolest affiliates that I personally know…

And similar to Stephen Esketzis?

Greg has also seen success thanks to his unique SEO strategies.

And how do I know this?

  • I took Greg’s course.
  • Made my money back.
  • And continue to see great success.

For me personally?

I wouldn’t say I learned much new when it comes to affiliate marketing and SEO…

But it was something much more important than that.

  • It was doing the things I already knew I needed to do.

And many times?

That can be way more powerful than learning something new (because it’s all about action).

As of creating this post…

I’m pretty sure I heard Greg say that he was around 200 customers (or a little under).

So he might not be in the super top ClickFunnels affiliate program marketers…

But his unique strategies certainly make him stand out…

Along with the piles of testimonials that he keeps bringing in.

You can learn about his strategies in the Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 157…

Here is the Greg Jeffries ClickFunnels long tail keywords video.

And at the end of they day?

The Biggest Lesson Here: Take relentless action in the pursuit of what you want…

And find someone who has done what you’re looking to accomplish (to shortcut the process).

Next up when it comes to the top ClickFunnels affiliates.

1) Anthony Morrison ClickFunnels

Anthony is the PERFECT example of utilizing the ClickFunnels share funnel feature.

On a side note if you’re curious about how to share a funnel in ClickFunnels…

I did a post entitled “How To Share A Funnel In ClickFunnels”…


Anthony has been doing his live weekly trainings called The Success Connection…

And he’s been doing them consistently for a very long time now.

Not only does he give away great training?

But everything he does revolves around utilizing ClickFunnels.

Here is just part of why he think he’s so successful:

  • Huge authority on the topic.
  • A massive audience from building his business over the years.
  • Great live training along with answering many questions for listeners.

And then of course having all of that above…

Makes it much simpler to add even more value (while promoting ClickFunnels).

  • Done for you optin funnels (utilizing share funnels).
  • Complete done for you funnels (once again utilizing share funnels).
  • Providing his affiliate link to ClickFunnels to get many more customers.
  • He even does complete done for you email follow up series for his tribe.
  • And he even does contests and giveaways which makes learning even more fun.

He is certainly someone you want to learn from…

Especially if you are interested in promoting ClickFunnels.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention…

Anthony is a member of the 8 Figure Club with ClickFunnels.

And of course what I learned from Anthony.

The Biggest Lesson Here: Focus on building your business around YOU…

And find something that you can do consistently and relentlessly for years.

Next up on the top ClickFunnels affiliates.

1) Catlin Bettridge

ClickFunnels Top Affiliates

(source for the screenshot here)

When it comes to Catlin?

There’s just one simple word that comes to mind:

  • Pioneer

Catlin was a pioneer of the ASH funnel…

Which is simply short for the Affiliate Side Hustle funnel.

In other words?

It’s a done for you affiliate marketing funnel that does (almost) everything for you.

  • The training videos are done for you.
  • The lead capture page and the other landing page.
  • You even get the done for you email followups to make your life easier.

All you have to do (to use it) is:

  • Get a free ClickFunnels 14 day trial.
  • Instantly copy the funnel to your ClickFunnels account.
  • Fill in your affiliate links and set up your done for you followups.
  • And then simply send traffic and optimize.

This completely turned the ClickFunnels affiliate marketing game on its head.


You can often find Catlin dropping words of wisdom and value in ClickFunnels groups.

While Catlin isn’t actually in the top in terms of sales done…

He certainly is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his unique strategies.

And you never know.

You just might see him at the top of the ClickFunnels mountain in the near future.

The Biggest Lesson Here: Find a way to differentiate yourself from the pack…

And lead relentlessly forward until you get what you want.

…and then keep going.

And lastly on the list we have.

The Top Affiliate For ClickFunnels

He is currently in the number one spot when it comes to ClickFunnels affiliates…

And got his big start utilizing Google Ad Words for ClickFunnels related keywords.

And who is it?

1) Spencer Mecham ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Top Affiliates

(source for the screenshot right here)

Spencer has actually reached $1,000,000+ in ClickFunnels affiliate commissions.


Talk about amazing right?

Someone once talked about how an affiliate gets 500 sign ups for ClickFunnels…

And they were probably referring to Spencer.

Here is a video that he did with Dave Woodward:

Back when that video came out…

He said that he had 1,800 ClickFunnels customers (at the time).

So if EVERYONE was at the $97 plan (which they weren’t)…

That means he would get $38.8 for every customer.

If you do the math? 1,800 customers X $38.8 =

$69,840 monthly at the least.

Keep in mind there is going to be some big expenses when it comes to growing that…

But it’s easy to see why Spencer is the top ClickFunnels affiliate.

The Biggest Lesson Here: Affiliate marketing is all about being unique…

And setting yourself apart from everyone else out there.

He certainly has…

Because the numbers just don’t lie.

Top ClickFunnels Affiliates

So I hope you enjoyed my post when it comes to the top affiliates for ClickFunnels.

Always remember that success leaves clues…

And there’s always something to learn from those who are getting results.

Thanks for reading…

And I’ll talk to you soon.

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