ClickFunnels Thank You Page Optimization Strategies

The ClickFunnels thank you page is a primary spot for real estate (so to speak).


So many times I see thank you pages with little to nothing on them…

And it makes me want to send them this exact post 😛


I’m not going to waste a single second here…

And get right down into the really good stuff.

Let’s begin.

ClickFunnels Thank You Page Optimization

There’s two types of “gracias” pages that I will be referring to in this post:

  1. The page after someone opts-in to your email list.
  2. And of course the page where someone downloads what they bought.

The first one is usually for freebies.

The second one is mostly for purchases.

But keep in mind that as an affiliate marketer?

You can utilize both.

Let’s start off with a few important options of what you can include.

1) Congratulations

This isn’t a way to monetize your page so to speak…

But it’s something I prefer putting at the top of my download pages.

Here is what it does.

  • Congratulates them (because they made a great decision).
  • Let’s them know that they are on the page where they can get the goods.

And by get the goods?

I’m referring to get access to whatever it is that they requested or invested in.

Next up.

1) Get Personal

Not THAT personal…

But personal to get up in front of the camera and congratulate them again.

After all.

It’s one thing to say congratulations…

But it’s another thing to actually say it right in front of the camera.

Here’s what else that you can mention aside from the single word congratulations:

  • What your name is and how you can help them.
  • Specific instructions about the actions they need to take.
  • Where they can get access to whatever it is they’re looking for.
  • And you can even let them know about a highly recommended offer.

Here is a picture of where I cover both “Congratulations” and “Getting Personal”.

ClickFunnels Thank You Page

Now onto the juicy part.

1) ClickFunnels Affiliate Offer On Thank You Page

Remember when I said above?

And you can even let them know about a highly recommended offer.

This is where that aspect comes into play.

Many moons ago I was selling one of my products about Facebook and affiliate marketing…

And I tested out an affiliate offer and it converted horribly (this was on a buyer download page).

So I decided to test out a different offer and that is where I had my AH-HA moment.

  • I added in a highly related offer (which was about Facebook viral marketing).

And what happened next really surprised me.

My conversion rate shot up IMMEDIATELY to around 15% or so…

And this was from a higher priced product ($47 I think).

You need to do this when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You also need to a little thinking as well.

Like the gal down below.

Thank You Page ClickFunnels

Thinking About What Affiliate Offers To Recommend… Obviously

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s the next step when it comes to helping my audience?
  • Are there any offers that go hand-in-hand when it comes to this topic?

Chances are if you can find find an offer than answers one of those questions…

Then you should be golden.

But at the end of the day?

Here is the “magical” question.

  • What You Teach Should = What You Recommend

Teaching how to build muscle? Recommend a muscle building workout plan.

Showing them how to how to fix one aspect of their swing? Recommend a golf swing plan.

You get the idea.

Next up.

1) ClickFunnels Thank You Page Webinar

A high converting webinar can change everything for you.

Nothing converts better (except for 1 on 1 calls)…

But the cool part about webinars is that you can promote them as an affiliate.

  • Grab your banner.
  • Insert your affiliate link.
  • And add that bad-boy as a step under your congratulations video.

Here is a perfect example of one.

Note: You can use an affiliate offer or a webinar…

Or you can be the coolest cat in town and use both.

It’s really up to you.

I’m just showing you as many ways as possible to fill up your beloved gracias page.

One more monetization method for you.

1) The Buffet Of Offers

I give credit to the person I figured this out from: Peter Beattie.

I still have access to the member’s area of the product I bought from him…

So here is a sneak peak.

Thank You Page ClickFunnels

As you can see it says Want Another Look?

So here is how you can make this method work remarkably for you.

For Selling Your Own Products

  • Link to the upsell pages again (people change their mind all the time).
  • You can also link to any or all of your products (people love buying from you).

For My Affiliate Marketers

  • Link to the upsell pages again (you can do this as an affiliate with many networks).
  • You can also link to any or all of a person’s specific products (related works the best).

So you’re pretty much giving your audience a chance to check out recommended offers…

Or they get another chance to invest in an upsell that they missed out on the first time.

After doing more than 2 dozen launches?

It didn’t take very long to realize that people like to go back and invest in the upsells.

It just seems to happen a good amount of times.

Alright let’s wrap things up.

ClickFunnels Thank You Page Overview

So we’ve talked about quite a few tactics when it comes to this piece of real estate.

You can:

  • Congratulate them.
  • Get more personal.
  • Add an affiliate offer on the page.
  • Add an automated webinar on the page.
  • And of course you can add a buffet of offers (so to speak).

Keep in mind you can do other cool things that you like such as:

  • Link to your social media profiles.
  • You know like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Or even have them leave a comment down below (if available).


I want to say thank you for requesting more info about the ClickFunnels thank you page…

And I hope you got some ideas when it comes to this important spot.

If you enjoyed this?

Be sure to stick around for a little bit longer.

You can read my popular post down below about saving money using ClickFunnels.


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