ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Simplified

So you want to simplify the ClickFunnels affiliate marketing process eh?

Then this is the perfect post for you (so keep reading)…

As I’m going to be cover a few ways to make some passive affiliate commissions.

And before I forget?

These strategies can be used to promote ClickFunnels or any offer out there.

Time to get to the good stuff.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Setup

Consider this your 22,000 foot view of what you’ll be doing…

And by having a great idea of what the process is all about?

It will give you much more clarity when it comes to taking action and making commissions.

You see.

Affiliates tend to make the marketing process more challenging than it needs to be.

So allow me to share with you what has worked for me since the dawn of time.

And keep in mind that when I first started online:

  • I was very clueless.
  • I had no idea what I was doing.
  • And yet I still ended up making commissions.

Who woulda thunk?

Here is an example back from the dinosaur age where I saw some results:

ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing

Yup… talk about a blast from the 2012 past 😛


Here is the ClickFunnels affiliate marketing setup:

  1. Find a sexy offer to promote as an affiliate (preferably ClickFunnels).
  2. Create your conversion core.
  3. Tweak.

I know.

Sounds super difficult right (sarcasm)?

Now allow me to simplify the hell out of the process and do my thing.

::cracks knuckles::

Step 1 For ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing

My guess is that you already have an offer to promote.

And if you don’t have one?

Below is a screenshot of 7 days work of affiliate commissions from ClickFunnels.

Damn you Friday and your goose eggs 😛

ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing

So in case those orange graphs stretching across the screen don’t tickle your fancy…

Here are some great places to find many affiliate offers:

And when it comes to looking for offers in specific niches…

You just can’t go wrong with these (as there’s always commissions to be made).

  • Wealth.
  • Health.
  • Relationships.

And if you’re really stuck in a rut when it comes to picking an offer from Clickbank…

  • Look for an offer within the niches above.
  • Look for an offer that has a higher gravity.
  • Make sure the average sales pays out at least $25 (ballpark number).

That should be more than enough to push you in the right direction.

Step 2 For ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing

Here is the fun part!

We get to leverage ClickFunnels for creating some simple lead capture pages.

If you haven’t gotten started with ClickFunnels yet…

And for the following example?

I am going to be using the weight loss niche.

So here is what is going to happen:

  1. You create a squeeze page so someone enters their email.
  2. They get directed to your thank you page of which you can monetize.
  3. And they eventually get email followups from you as well.

Here is a sample lead capture page that I created in a few minutes flat.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing


It only took a few minutes to create that sucker.

Just make sure that you give your audience something that they deeply desire…

Which can be in the form of:

  • A PDF report.
  • A nice little cheat sheet.
  • A free template to copy and paste.
  • A free video training or two to watch.
  • Or even a complete done for you share funnel (which I’ll talk about at the end).

And here is one more bit of advice when it comes to freebies.



They shouldn’t take 17.5 days to create…

As a cheat sheet can literally take you 20 minutes to create.

Don’t over complicate the damn process.

Anywho 😛

Once you have your freebie ready you go…

You just need a captivating headline to help convert your traffic into optins.

Here is one of the best headline formulas of all time:

How To (Awesome) Without (Suck)

So here is what you need to do:

  1. Add in what your audience wants.
  2. And then add in what they do NOT want.

Here are a few examples when it comes to losing weight:

  • How to banish embarrassing belly fat without ever stepping foot in the gym.
  • How to banish embarrassing belly fat without giving up your favorite foods.

Just make sure that whatever you say?

You can back it up when it comes to the freebie that they will get.

And on a side note?

If you would like to see this specific step in a video then you can watch it down below:

So what happens once someone enters in their email?

I’ll tell ya!

They go straight to your thank you page (which is an example down below)

clickfunnels affiliate marketing

So here is what happens on this simple ClickFunnels thank you page.

  • You congratulate them (email is a sacred thing)!
  • I like adding a picture of myself so that they know I’m a real dude.
  • Let them know that their freebie is going to be sent to their email inbox.
  • And lastly you can recommend a related affiliate offer to them.

Do you see that big Click Here To Continue button?

You guessed it.

That’s where your almighty affiliate link goes.

And just like that?

You’ve created a simplistic two step affiliate marketing funnel to promote any offer you like.

It’s magical 😛

Step 3 For ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing

Unfortunately this is a step that most affiliate marketers never even get do.

It’s kind of sad.

As this is about as fundamental as it gets to affiliate marketing…

Yet most people are so busy burying their noses in the latest and greatest thing.

In other words?

It’s like a boxer never learning how to punch (yikes)!


I am not going to explain this step all that much…

Because getting your funnel up and running is overall much more important.

Instead I will give you a good idea of the things that you should tweak and optimize:

  • The offer or offers that you are promoting.
  • The percent of people who optin to your squeeze page.
  • Your call to action button of your thank you page that promotes an affiliate offer.
  • Your email subject line (of the first email that they get from you).

And so on and so forth.

Wrapping Up ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing

Remember when I said that most people make affiliate marketing too challenging?


I’m sure that you might have noticed from this post that it doesn’t need to be that way.

What I’ve shared with you today:

  • It is evergreen.
  • It has been around forever.
  • And it sure as hell isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

That’s how you make commissions while using ClickFunnels.


If you want to promote ClickFunnels and make commissions like I do (and many others too)…

Here is what I like to refer to as the shortcut to making ClickFunnels commissions.

After you do that…

I will confirm your trial and then send you my affiliate marketing business in a box.


It is 100% done for you.

  • Just add in your name
  • Just add in your affiliate links.
  • Just upload the done for you emails.

And then send traffic (which the training shows you too).

So if you are interested in making passive affiliate commissions from promoting ClickFunnels…

And that’s all folks.

I want you to keep these two things in mind:

  1. Money loves speed.
  2. And simplicity is king.

Be sure to put this process into action and see what happens…

You just might like the results 😛

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