ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training Review

Thanks for expressing interest in a ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels training review.

Here is what I’m quickly going to be covering in this post:

  • What exactly is the 9 Secret Funnels Training in ClickFunnels?
  • Exactly how much is this secret funnels training course going to cost?
  • And lastly I’m going to be going over where to get it and if it’s worth picking up?

Sound good?


Then let’s dive right on in.

ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training Review

And most importantly…

This is so you know that I actually invested in this 9 Secret Funnels training.

ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training Review

And it is certainly a great training.

So what do you get when it comes to this training?

You get one very long training webinar which happens to be 3 hours and 37 minutes long…

And don’t worry.

There isn’t any type of sales pitch at the end.

It is 100% valuable content.

Here are just a few of the key points in this video training:

  • Russell is the host of the training.
  • It’s main goal is to help you double your online sales (regardless of your niche).
  • There’s a bunch of info that’s come from many of Russell’s students, clients, and mentors.
  • The part about traffic you own / don’t own, and traffic you control is excellent.
  • Knowing what the value ladder is can be very helpful when it comes to growing sales.

And a bunch more.


Russell certainly knows how to provide the value when it comes to his video trainings…

And this over 3 hour long video session is no different.

You can’t forget about the information when it comes to the attractive character too…

As I’m sure you’ll know a few of the examples that he uses in his slides 😛

ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training Review

Let’s keep moving on now.

Where To Get The ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training?

This is one of the most popular questions when it comes to the 9 Secret Funnels training.

Ironically enough…

It’s because it’s only available when you sign up for a trial for ClickFunnels.

Allow me to walk you through the process.

After you enter your email and password…

You will be taken to a page that looks just like down below:

ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training Review

And it should be quite the easy process from here on out.

All you need to do?

  • Check the box with YES, Add 9 Secret Funnels Training…
  • And then you would click on Activate My Account Now!

And as you can also see above…

The ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training is only a one time payment of $47.

Not bad right?

So when it finally comes down to it…

Here is the rating that I give the ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training.


4 Out Of 5 Secret Stars

And that’s all folks (I told you it would be quick).

I hope that you enjoyed my ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training review.

If you have any questions?

Feel free to ask them down below 😛

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