Can You Buy ClickFunnels With Debit Card?

So is it possible to buy ClickFunnels with debit card?


And I’ll be walking you through the step by step process in the post.

I actually invested in ClickFunnels with a debit card personally…

So don’t worry (as it’s a very simply process).

Let’s dive right in.

How To Buy ClickFunnels With A Debit Card

Alrighty then.

The first good thing is that ClickFunnels comes with a nice free 14 day trial…

So that is something that you are going to need in order to begin the process:

Once you get to the page you will need to:

  • Enter in your best email address.
  • Then create your password.
  • And then click on Start My Free 14-Day Trial.

You will then be on the ClickFunnels billing page.

On the top right side of the page you will be prompted to choose a plan…

As you can see in the picture below.

Can You Buy ClickFunnels With Debit Card

I advise that you go with the Etison Suite…

And that’s because it allows you to test out everything in your free 14 day trial.

(you can always change plans later if you want)

And now when it comes to official solution to the original question:

Can you buy ClickFunnels with debit card?

Under where you choose your ClickFunnels plan…

Will be a small section that looks like the image below:

Can You Buy ClickFunnels With Debit Card


Don’t get confused by how it says “Credit Card Number” here.

All you need to simply do is enter in your debit card number…

Along with the month, year, CVV code (on back), and of course your zip code.

So either a debit card or a credit card will work here.

And if you’re curious about why they ask for a card on a trial:

They ask for a card to prevent interruption of service.

And that’s all.

I told you it was a simple process 😛

Thanks again for stopping by and seeking out an answer to the pressing question:

Can you buy ClickFunnels with debit card?

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions…

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