Best ClickFunnels Template

So what is the single best ClickFunnels template?

I do have to say.

That is quite the valuable question to ask…

And I am certainly looking forward to answering it along with:

  • Some of the top ClickFunnels templates.
  • Along with what ClickFunnels template you should test out.

Are you ready to rock?


Let’s begin then.

Best ClickFunnels Template

This template is SO good?

That I actually created an entire course about it called:

Don’t buy the course!

I’m just showing you that I actually created it ๐Ÿ˜›


Here is the beast of a template that has allowed me to produce those results.

Best ClickFunnels Template

It’s referred to as the Action 2 Step Optin (and it’s outlined in red above).

You can find this under the Optin tab and then Email Optin (when you pick a template).

Here is my opinion about why it converts so well.


This is one of those pages that you’d most likely glance over…

And it’s probably because of its simplicity.

If there’s anything I’ve learned when it comes to marketing online?

It’s that simple works…

And that’s exactly what this optin page is all about.

Easy Everything

Everything about this squeeze page is easy.

Not only is it easy to setup, configured, and add in your information…

But most importantly it’s very easy for your visitor to take action.

Everything is right in front of them…

And they don’t need to scroll down to see everything on the page.

2 Step Optin

There’s just something about this feature that converts.

I would have to say because the person is making a micro-commitment…

Meaning that once they click on the orange CLICK HERE TO START NOW button?

They are only 1 more step away from getting what they want.

Here is what the sample drop down box looks like.

Best ClickFunnels Template

I’m glad I shared this part with you.

Because in order to make it better?

I would just simply remove the Enter Your Full Name section.

You don’t need it…

And you can get higher conversions without it.

Top ClickFunnels Templates

Here’s another great one…

It’s referred to as the Super Clean Optin template.

Best Clickfunnels Template

Want to see it in action?

Keep in mind that isn’t mine (just a preview from ClickFunnels).

Have you noticed that this one is just as simple as theย Action 2 Step Optin template?

The only thing different (aside from the color and background)…

Is pretty much that there isn’t a two step optin.

Test out both of them and see what works better for you.

And before we carry on…

I wanted to answer this one question.

Is There A ClickFunnels Advertorial Template?

Technically no.

BUT (there’s your big but)!

You can actually use one of the blog post templates for an advertorial template.

It’s found under the MISC section and it’s called Blog Post Style.

Not bad right?

Granted you will need to do some editing…

But in no time you can have that looking like an advertorial.

And lastly.

Best ClickFunnels Template For Sales Message

This is going to be ideal for any type of sales letter or video sales letter…

And if you guessed that it’s a simple one?

Then you are right!

So one of my favorite ClickFunnels template for sales messages is:


Sorry I just had to ๐Ÿ˜›

Although it can be a very helpful template.

It can be found under the Sales tab and then Sales Page.

Best Performing ClickFunnels Templates

While yes…

Simplicity ultimately has a big effect on why some of these do so well.

There’s actually one much bigger reason for their success.

  • What’s Written On Them

Or in other words?



You don’t have to be a grizzled veteran to write sales copy for a squeeze page.

After all.

You only need to have a few things (in terms of writing).

  1. What they are getting.
  2. Hard hitting headline.
  3. Call to action.

So here.

Let’s write a badass headline as an affiliate marketer where the example niche will be golfing.

So the first line at the top will say something like:


That’s what they are getting.

Next up we will be needing a hard hitting headline…

And I like to use the formula:

“How To (Awesome) Without (Suck)”

So we are going to plug something into that equation above that they want…

Along with something that they don’t want.

Here are a few examples from a golfer’s perspective.

  • How To Hit 300 Yard Drives Without Swinging Out Of Your Shoes
  • Hot To Cut 5 Shots From Your Score Without Getting Expensive Lessons
  • How To Hit Straight And Consistent Shots Without Spending Days At The Range

And so on and so forth.

I’m sure you get the idea.

And lastly is the call to action (would could be the button itself).

  • Click Here To Continue

Pretty simple right?

Here’s what it looks like in ClickFunnels.

Best ClickFunnels Template

And that should do it.

So make sure you keep in mind that there are some awesome templates in ClickFunnels.

But what matters the most?

Is what you write on them.


Thanks for stopping by.

In the meantime here is a related post about ClickFunnels affiliate marketing simplified…

As I go over creating a squeeze page a little more there.


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