3 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Looking for some of the best affiliate marketing programs out there?

Then this is a post that you simply can not afford to miss.

After all.

You probably want to make some nice affiliate commissions online…

But which affiliate programs will allow you to do that?


I’ll show you ๐Ÿ˜›

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

At the end of the day…

Picking the right offer is crucial to your success.

Pick the wrong offer?

And you can expect to hear crickets.

But when you pick the right offer?

And that’s when you can thrive month and month with affiliate marketing.

So as long as you start with this quick list of the best affiliate marketing programs…

You’ll be ready to rock.

Let’s dive right in beginning with number 3.

3) Shopify

In case you haven’t noticed…

Shopify has actually grown to some seriously impressive numbers…

And I’m sure you can imagine what comes along with growth right?

  • Buzz.
  • More sales.
  • Many more clients.
  • Oh and naturally continued commissions paid.

The last part is the most essential for you as an affiliate marketer.

Their affiliate program (which you can sign up for free)…

Also includes the benefit of paying you near-passive commissions.


Near-passive commissions.

Which means that youย 200% of every sale that you make which is paid in 2 installments.

(that’s why I call it near-passive commissions)

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

So what is better than getting paid from one transaction?

Getting paid twice (and both being 100%).

It might not be as awesome as getting paid until someone cancels…

But it’s still an affiliate program that you shouldn’t ignore.

(that’s why Shopify made it to the number three spot)

Aside from that?

Shopify features:

  • Amazing affiliate stats (for you to track your clicks, conversions, sales, and payouts).
  • And the capability to get a free trial of Shopify (no charge card required).

So what does that mean for you?

You can always test out Shopify yourself just to review it…

Thanks to their free trial where you can go in there and kick all of the tires (so to speak).

So when it boils down to affiliate marketing and Shopify?

Just focus on bringing in the Shopify free trials and then let Shopify take care of everything else.

So that’s Shopify.

Here are the important links for you:

Let’s move onto number two when it comes to the best affiliate marketing programs.

Who. Does. Number. Two. Work. For?

If you know what movie that quote is from…

Feel free to give yourself a high five ๐Ÿ˜›

2) Builderall

While this isn’t a free to join affiliate marketing program…

(once you realize the value of what you’re getting)

First things first.

Builderall is a marketing platform and sales funnel builder.

In plain English?

You can use it to help you create:

  • Sales pages.
  • Full sales funnels.
  • Lead capture pages.
  • Accept online payments.
  • Sell items, offers, and solutions, etc.

Here’s why their affiliate program is so powerful.

Not only do you get to use the entire Builderall program as an affiliate marketer…

But you also get hooked up with:

  • The Builderall 2 tier commercial license and…
  • They pay you $500 a month for your dream car once you hit 100 customers.

Talk about amazing perks right?

Here’s a few more details about making 2 tier commissions:

  • You get 100% on your very first commission (the help you recoup your investment).
  • And then you get 30% commissions for every single monthly sale after that.

And keep in mind that’s how it works for ever new customer you bring in.

100% commissions on the first month and then it moves to 30% commissions.

And THEN most importantly…

You’ll also get commissions for every sale from the customers that you bring in.

It doesn’t get any more win-win than that.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Here is an example.

You get a commission for bringing in David.


David brings in (for example) 10 customers in his two months.

You also get commissions from those 10 individuals (that’s what 2 tier is everything about).

So not only do you want to bring in new customers…

But you also want to help those that you bring in too.

That’s why I truly love the Builderall affiliate program.

(which is also called the Builderall Business plan)

As I mentioned previously it’s not free to use…

But eventually you’ll get to a point where Builderall pays you to use and promote them.

Kind of like how it is for me right now ๐Ÿ˜›

Alrighty then.

Now onto the veryย best affiliate marketing program out there.

1) ClickFunnels

You can’t really compete with this…


You just can’t.

And yes.

This is yet another online sales funnel building software…

But the perks and benefits of promoting it are so worth it.

Here are a few of the remarkable benefits of this affiliate marketing program.

  • 40% Recurring Commissions

Gotta love those recurring commissions…

Which is often referred to as passive income too.

Does it already sound music to your affiliate marketing ears?

Because it should be ๐Ÿ˜›

So what does that mean for you?

Pretty much that you keep getting paid monthly until a customer cancels…

And when it comes to canceling ClickFunnels?

Most of the members stay on board for a very, very long time.

Side Note: I’ve been using ClickFunnels for over three years now…

And I don’t plan on leaving any time soon.

Another Side Note: Most ClickFunnels customers are in the same boat…

So don’t delay on promoting this software to start making commissions.

  • Sticky Cookies

This is a feature than most affiliate marketing programs just can’t compete with.

By promoting ANY of Russell Brunson’s offers (the creator of ClickFunnels)…

You get sticky cookied so that you get commissions if the customer purchases more products.

(as long as they don’t go through somebody else’s link)

And to further impact the power of this feature:

  • Russell promotes all of his other products utilizing naked links.
  • And ClickFunnels does a LOAD of retargeting (when again with naked links).

It’s extremely common to make commissions thanks to money I didn’t spend on ads.

Side Note: Thanks Russell ๐Ÿ˜›

Aside from promoting ClickFunnels …

Here are a few more offers that you can promote to get that sticky cookie:

  • 10x Secrets.
  • Expert Secrets.
  • Dotcom Secrets.
  • Funnel Scripts.
  • Funnel Graffiti.
  • Funnel University.
  • Funnel Cookbook.
  • The Perfect Webinar.

And any other type of product or offer that Russell creates (he’s always creating brand-new stuff).

  • ClickFunnels Dream Car

This might sound a little redundant (because Builderall copied ClickFunnels) …

However when you bring in 100 active ClickFunnels customers as an affiliate?

ClickFunnels will pay you $500 a month towards your dream car…

And if you get 200 active members then that leaps up to $1,000 a month.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs


ClickFunnels has a free 14 day trial so you can always give it a college try before promoting it:

And aside from that?

ClickFunnels continues to make me commissions on a monthly basis…

And has actually been doing that for a good amount of time now.

It gets my highest recommendation when it comes to the best affiliate marketing programs:

And that’s all folks.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best affiliate marketing programs.

  • Did I miss out on an affiliate program?
  • Should the affiliate programs be rearranged in a different order?

Do not hesitate to leave a comment down below…

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